Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Super Mommy Who?

During my pregnancy I would constantly think about how to organize and schedule our new life with baby. It was an endless thought process that would keep me up at night over thinking and over planning my strategies for how I was going to be "Supermom". Now here I am 6 months into being a new mommy and "Supermom" has a whole new meaning. It's not the mom who has her house cleaned and baby on a well planned out schedule, while that would be nice. I've learned the hard lesson that I just can't do it all, and the more important lesson, that that's ok.

I've never been the girl that has everything organized and pretty, I had more of an organized mess. Meaning yes this may look like a mess but its mine and I know where everything is so don't touch it. I knew with a baby coming that wasn't going to work, I had to really commit to trying to get organized. Reality has finally hit me and I know there can be a happy medium yay! I don't have to stay up driving myself crazy that I'm not like this mom or that mom, that seemingly has it all together and organized all neat and pretty. I am inevitably me, yes I can make a goal to do things better. But I will always be that messy girl that knows where everything is still. So let's embrace motherhood for the amazing adventure that it is, instead of the high standards it comes with.


Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Supermom Is Born

I have been very MIA in the internet world lately and wanted to post a quick update on whats been going on in my life.  My boyfriend of 5 years (Suuperman) and I officially got engaged on February 14th 2012. He purposed to me at Disneyland on the day of love, I am a hopeless romantic so this was beyond perfection for me. A few days later we got the surprise of a lifetime, we were pregnant! We went through the three stages of what I believe all parents to be go through, shock, scared, and finally overwhelming joy. A mini geek was on his way for us to share our world with. Since that moment my world has been turned upside down, i put down my Supergirl comics and picked up any pregnancy/parenting book I could find. My days are now filled with baby research, nursery decorating, and waddling around stores in search of the cutest baby outfits I can find, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not to say it didn't take some adjusting and getting use to. They say some women love being pregnant and I for one am just not one of them. I had a really rough first three months battling nausea and weakness. It felt like a never ending hangover with out the fun night before. I am happy to report I made it to my third trimester alive and I can see the finish line!  We are expect to welcome Noah Alexander DelValle into the world October 3rd 2012. So look forward to a ton of nerdy baby pics and more updates from me on not only the birth of my mini geek but the birth of a Supermom. 

xoxo Supergirlove

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The "New" Supergirl!

The New 52 issues has been considered a success, would you agree? Personally, I disagree with that statement. With a sucess comes winning over the already established fan base of each and every character they have rebooted. For me and my character, Supergirl, I am not totally on broad with it all yet.

While I wouldn't go to the extreme of saying I hate the new storyline of Supergirl, I sure wouldn't say it won me over. Reading the introduction of Supergirl in Superman/Batman by Jeph Loeb made me fall in love with Kara. While the new 52 Supergirl storyline by Michel Green and Mike Johnson, is fun and intriguing, it dosnt grab me nearly in the same way. Granted I know I do have to take into consideration that the story arch is not finished. I really am just going off of what I have read so far. To play fair I would love to share highlights that I really do love in the story so far.

I really enjoyed the opening meteor shower scene, very smallville.  Along with the followed scenes of Supergirl kicking butt, what a cool way to find out her powers. A little too fast with them all coming to her so easily, but I did enjoy seeing her discover she has new,and very different powers that are not normally accustomed to Supergirl or Superman.

Her meeting Clark was also something I enjoyed, I love a good Supergirl vs Superman fight. I could be bias because my boyfriend is a sup fan so whenever my girl kicks his butt I do a secret victory dance. I am hoping for some good dialogue between the two as well. I loved the relationship that they built between the two of them in the previous story archs and hope they take the same route.

 I will always love Supergirl, her underlying essences, will always keep her in my heart. I will continue to buy the new issues with high hopes of seeing the Kara I fell in love with unfold on the pages. Is this what DC had in mind with the re-boot, taking our beloved characters and making them "OK". Knowing we cant really walk away from them. Sales numbers have doubled and its being called a success. Is that what really defines a success, sales number and money. I know I am not the only disappointed fan out there, and I hope DC hears our disappointment and steps up to meet what the fans want.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DC Universe Reboot of Supergirl

As many of us have heard the DC Universe is going through a massive reboot. DC has announced that currently running storyline Flashpoint, involving Berry Allen flash, will lead into this reboot. Starting August 31st, DC will be renumbering 52 comics back to issue #1.

At first I was extremely excited to hear that Jim Lee and Geoff Johns were the big guns behind the reboot. Then the release of the "new" Supergirl was revealed and my heart sank. With no disrespect to the new and very welcomed artist of Supergirl, Mahmud A. Asrar, I am just not a fan of the new look. It feels like a mash-up of Powergirl and Supergirl forced into one character. In turn taking away the true essence of Supergirl.

Back when Wonder Woman's new look was revealed they explained the pants, in place of her one piece suit, with the fact that they want to make DC Woman more realistic. Ok ill buy that for the redesign of Wonder Woman, but then why take Supergirl from a skirt to a one piece that you just removed from Wonder Woman with the justification that it was not realistic. Kara has always been known for her skirt, midrift or not, she has always had a skirt. Which in my opinion represents a lot about who Kara is, a girly teenager not afraid to have fun. When I look at the new design all I can think of is a quick fix to getting rid of Powergirl, which should not be what Supergirl is. I believe the Kara that Micheal Turner & Jeph Lobe introduced us to in Superman/Batman was the perfect Supergirl. Not to say that I'm not open to a reboot, I just hope that the Kara who we have grown to love and know can still be seen in the reboot of her. I would like to see her grow as a character from the foundation that Lobe, and later Sterling have created for her. She has been a character that has struggled to come into her own, and I would hate to see her struggle again with becoming a strong character in the DC Universe. With my rant said and done I really hope I eat my words with this reboot and fall in love all over again.

Monday, December 13, 2010


I am a long time fanboy, collecting comics since I was seven years old. I was introduced to comics by my neighbor who introduced me to a few issues of Spider-Man. From there I found X-men, and later many other Marvel titles. It wasn't until high school that I was introduced to Superman. I had seen the movies but i found little interest in the over-powered character until the Death of Superman arc. It was Superman's final moments (Well I thought they were final at the time) that made me believe in the depth of that character, It was the first time I really felt inspired by a fictional characters heroism. After that, I was pretty much obsessed, I followed Superman across all mediums. The television show Lois and Clark, the series I watch religiously to this day, Smallville. Bryan Singers take on the hero in Superman Returns, everything, even the cartoons.

This character was the vehicle that brought me through an entire new universe of heroes, DC Comics. Of course my interest expanded to most things fantasy, sci-fi, movies, tv, and games. All of which has inspired me to start this Nerd Alert blog with my girlfriend Supergirlove (It was actually her idea, but I planted it Inception style). Together we plan to share our thoughts on the many characters and stories across all mediums.

-Suuperman (yes with two u's)


 I'm new to the fan girl game Ive always loved geeky things but wasn't fully introduced to the world until i met my real love my boyfriend, fellow blogger on this page. His obsession with comics, especially Superman,  lead us to coffee dates at a comic book store and adventures to San Diego for Comic Con. Immersed into that world I couldn't help but want a character i could call my own. Looking around at the comic book store you will quickly find there aren't too many girl characters that are marketed to Women. I wanted someone i could relate to and that was also associated with the character my boyfriend loved. I wanted to be apart of his world in my own way, unfortunately the girl heroines in Superman's life are very limited. When low and behold i find myself a hot blond girl with powers that can keep Superman on his toes, my kinda girl already. I dove full force into the world of Supergirl and continue to fall in love with her to this day.

My first introduction to her was from Superman/Batman: Supergirl. Jeph Loeb drew me into Kara's world while Turner made it impossible to look away from the pages. Ive followed this Supergirl, Kara Zor-El's, story line from this point on. I really loved where Sterling Gates took her story, sad to see him and Jamal Igle go but excited to continue reading and see where her story will go.I'm breaking open the New Krypton series next so watch out for more posts about that series. 

Nerd Alert! Friends all over use this saying to inform those who probably already know, they are spouting nerdy information. Were here to embrace our nerd alerts and share them with you. Random comic news, movie updates, or even video game achievements, its all about a nerdy couple that lives the everyday life full of Nerd Alerts!