Monday, December 13, 2010


I am a long time fanboy, collecting comics since I was seven years old. I was introduced to comics by my neighbor who introduced me to a few issues of Spider-Man. From there I found X-men, and later many other Marvel titles. It wasn't until high school that I was introduced to Superman. I had seen the movies but i found little interest in the over-powered character until the Death of Superman arc. It was Superman's final moments (Well I thought they were final at the time) that made me believe in the depth of that character, It was the first time I really felt inspired by a fictional characters heroism. After that, I was pretty much obsessed, I followed Superman across all mediums. The television show Lois and Clark, the series I watch religiously to this day, Smallville. Bryan Singers take on the hero in Superman Returns, everything, even the cartoons.

This character was the vehicle that brought me through an entire new universe of heroes, DC Comics. Of course my interest expanded to most things fantasy, sci-fi, movies, tv, and games. All of which has inspired me to start this Nerd Alert blog with my girlfriend Supergirlove (It was actually her idea, but I planted it Inception style). Together we plan to share our thoughts on the many characters and stories across all mediums.

-Suuperman (yes with two u's)


 I'm new to the fan girl game Ive always loved geeky things but wasn't fully introduced to the world until i met my real love my boyfriend, fellow blogger on this page. His obsession with comics, especially Superman,  lead us to coffee dates at a comic book store and adventures to San Diego for Comic Con. Immersed into that world I couldn't help but want a character i could call my own. Looking around at the comic book store you will quickly find there aren't too many girl characters that are marketed to Women. I wanted someone i could relate to and that was also associated with the character my boyfriend loved. I wanted to be apart of his world in my own way, unfortunately the girl heroines in Superman's life are very limited. When low and behold i find myself a hot blond girl with powers that can keep Superman on his toes, my kinda girl already. I dove full force into the world of Supergirl and continue to fall in love with her to this day.

My first introduction to her was from Superman/Batman: Supergirl. Jeph Loeb drew me into Kara's world while Turner made it impossible to look away from the pages. Ive followed this Supergirl, Kara Zor-El's, story line from this point on. I really loved where Sterling Gates took her story, sad to see him and Jamal Igle go but excited to continue reading and see where her story will go.I'm breaking open the New Krypton series next so watch out for more posts about that series. 

Nerd Alert! Friends all over use this saying to inform those who probably already know, they are spouting nerdy information. Were here to embrace our nerd alerts and share them with you. Random comic news, movie updates, or even video game achievements, its all about a nerdy couple that lives the everyday life full of Nerd Alerts!