Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The "New" Supergirl!

The New 52 issues has been considered a success, would you agree? Personally, I disagree with that statement. With a sucess comes winning over the already established fan base of each and every character they have rebooted. For me and my character, Supergirl, I am not totally on broad with it all yet.

While I wouldn't go to the extreme of saying I hate the new storyline of Supergirl, I sure wouldn't say it won me over. Reading the introduction of Supergirl in Superman/Batman by Jeph Loeb made me fall in love with Kara. While the new 52 Supergirl storyline by Michel Green and Mike Johnson, is fun and intriguing, it dosnt grab me nearly in the same way. Granted I know I do have to take into consideration that the story arch is not finished. I really am just going off of what I have read so far. To play fair I would love to share highlights that I really do love in the story so far.

I really enjoyed the opening meteor shower scene, very smallville.  Along with the followed scenes of Supergirl kicking butt, what a cool way to find out her powers. A little too fast with them all coming to her so easily, but I did enjoy seeing her discover she has new,and very different powers that are not normally accustomed to Supergirl or Superman.

Her meeting Clark was also something I enjoyed, I love a good Supergirl vs Superman fight. I could be bias because my boyfriend is a sup fan so whenever my girl kicks his butt I do a secret victory dance. I am hoping for some good dialogue between the two as well. I loved the relationship that they built between the two of them in the previous story archs and hope they take the same route.

 I will always love Supergirl, her underlying essences, will always keep her in my heart. I will continue to buy the new issues with high hopes of seeing the Kara I fell in love with unfold on the pages. Is this what DC had in mind with the re-boot, taking our beloved characters and making them "OK". Knowing we cant really walk away from them. Sales numbers have doubled and its being called a success. Is that what really defines a success, sales number and money. I know I am not the only disappointed fan out there, and I hope DC hears our disappointment and steps up to meet what the fans want.