Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Super Mommy Who?

During my pregnancy I would constantly think about how to organize and schedule our new life with baby. It was an endless thought process that would keep me up at night over thinking and over planning my strategies for how I was going to be "Supermom". Now here I am 6 months into being a new mommy and "Supermom" has a whole new meaning. It's not the mom who has her house cleaned and baby on a well planned out schedule, while that would be nice. I've learned the hard lesson that I just can't do it all, and the more important lesson, that that's ok.

I've never been the girl that has everything organized and pretty, I had more of an organized mess. Meaning yes this may look like a mess but its mine and I know where everything is so don't touch it. I knew with a baby coming that wasn't going to work, I had to really commit to trying to get organized. Reality has finally hit me and I know there can be a happy medium yay! I don't have to stay up driving myself crazy that I'm not like this mom or that mom, that seemingly has it all together and organized all neat and pretty. I am inevitably me, yes I can make a goal to do things better. But I will always be that messy girl that knows where everything is still. So let's embrace motherhood for the amazing adventure that it is, instead of the high standards it comes with.


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