Tuesday, June 21, 2011

DC Universe Reboot of Supergirl

As many of us have heard the DC Universe is going through a massive reboot. DC has announced that currently running storyline Flashpoint, involving Berry Allen flash, will lead into this reboot. Starting August 31st, DC will be renumbering 52 comics back to issue #1.

At first I was extremely excited to hear that Jim Lee and Geoff Johns were the big guns behind the reboot. Then the release of the "new" Supergirl was revealed and my heart sank. With no disrespect to the new and very welcomed artist of Supergirl, Mahmud A. Asrar, I am just not a fan of the new look. It feels like a mash-up of Powergirl and Supergirl forced into one character. In turn taking away the true essence of Supergirl.

Back when Wonder Woman's new look was revealed they explained the pants, in place of her one piece suit, with the fact that they want to make DC Woman more realistic. Ok ill buy that for the redesign of Wonder Woman, but then why take Supergirl from a skirt to a one piece that you just removed from Wonder Woman with the justification that it was not realistic. Kara has always been known for her skirt, midrift or not, she has always had a skirt. Which in my opinion represents a lot about who Kara is, a girly teenager not afraid to have fun. When I look at the new design all I can think of is a quick fix to getting rid of Powergirl, which should not be what Supergirl is. I believe the Kara that Micheal Turner & Jeph Lobe introduced us to in Superman/Batman was the perfect Supergirl. Not to say that I'm not open to a reboot, I just hope that the Kara who we have grown to love and know can still be seen in the reboot of her. I would like to see her grow as a character from the foundation that Lobe, and later Sterling have created for her. She has been a character that has struggled to come into her own, and I would hate to see her struggle again with becoming a strong character in the DC Universe. With my rant said and done I really hope I eat my words with this reboot and fall in love all over again.

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