Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Supermom Is Born

I have been very MIA in the internet world lately and wanted to post a quick update on whats been going on in my life.  My boyfriend of 5 years (Suuperman) and I officially got engaged on February 14th 2012. He purposed to me at Disneyland on the day of love, I am a hopeless romantic so this was beyond perfection for me. A few days later we got the surprise of a lifetime, we were pregnant! We went through the three stages of what I believe all parents to be go through, shock, scared, and finally overwhelming joy. A mini geek was on his way for us to share our world with. Since that moment my world has been turned upside down, i put down my Supergirl comics and picked up any pregnancy/parenting book I could find. My days are now filled with baby research, nursery decorating, and waddling around stores in search of the cutest baby outfits I can find, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not to say it didn't take some adjusting and getting use to. They say some women love being pregnant and I for one am just not one of them. I had a really rough first three months battling nausea and weakness. It felt like a never ending hangover with out the fun night before. I am happy to report I made it to my third trimester alive and I can see the finish line!  We are expect to welcome Noah Alexander DelValle into the world October 3rd 2012. So look forward to a ton of nerdy baby pics and more updates from me on not only the birth of my mini geek but the birth of a Supermom. 

xoxo Supergirlove

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